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Rewards and Thank You 

We believe the Intellectual Property is worth over $2 Billion with just a 3% global market share.

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Mission Statement

TIPA Tech Limited pioneers in advancing solar energy through our innovative 3D solar panel technology, aiming to make sustainable energy universally accessible and efficient.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to illuminate the world with sustainable solar energy, transforming how societies generate and consume power. We envision a future where our advanced solar solutions empower every home, business, and community, achieving net-zero emissions globally. Through continuous innovation, collaboration, and commitment to environmental stewardship, we strive to be at the forefront of creating a sustainable planet for future generations.

TIPA Product breakdown
TIPA Smart Design and Sexy Look

Our company

Redefining Solar Energy is synonymous with innovation, operational efficiency, and sustainability. Our mission is to address the global energy crisis by delivering an impactful, positive influence on environmental conservation. Our patented solar technology underlines our commitment to providing cutting-edge and pragmatic solutions to the energy sector. At Redefining Solar Energy, we are certain that a more sustainable and eco-friendly future is attainable. We are committed to transforming this vision into reality through the application and promotion of our pioneering solar technology.

TIPA internal working

How we do?

We have 10 million shares in circulation currently. We are internally valuing the company at $25m due to the IP value and work done to date. That is $2.50 a share. Each TIPA purchase allows us to prove its market and exhibit growth.  

It's simple, for each TIPA we will provide a 10% discount to the current share price. So if we sell for £1bn, you can use your discount and have the shares at $2.25 when it is worth $100 a share. We will send you notification 3 months prior to any sale or IPO and you can benefit from $77.75 a share. Each TIPA bought entitles you to 10% of one share at current price. 

If you buy 10 TIPA’s we will give you 25% of the current internal value for upto 50 shares Using the above example, you will get $77.75 per share. At 25 shares, you will get 25 x $77.75 or $1943.75. 

If you buy the full panel package, including frame, in addition to the normal rewards, we will be granting share discount options for 50% on 100 shares plus 2 share per extra TIPA pipe bought. This means that you will receive $7775 for just 100 shares or more. 

We will send you your discount certificates and as and when we sell, IPO or get taken over, you will receive the opportunity to apply the discount and simply receive the profit on the shares as if you bought them at today’s value less the applied discount.  

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We believe in giving back to those who support us. This is in addition to the amazing kickstarter rewards. 

Pricing for TIPA

Our Cost
per TIPA 

per TIPA
for a 45W 

per TIPA
for a 45W 

Retail is $60 - & $70 per TIPA which includes DC USB charging for phones and other devices 

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