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Portable Sun Power for You, Your Motorhome, Your Home, Your Business, Your Community

Solar Farm

TIPA Solar Farm Energy System is an advanced solution that efficiently harnesses solar energy at a large scale, offering sustainable power for communities and industries.

TIPA Solar Farm
TIPA Solar-Powered Warehouse


TIPA Solar-Powered Warehouse Energy System caters to warehouse energy needs by harnessing renewable solar power for lighting, machinery, and equipment, promoting sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Office Space

TIPA Solar-Powered Office Energy System is an innovative solution, harnessing solar energy for modern office spaces, reducing carbon footprint, and powering office essentials.

TIPA Solar-Powered Office
TIPA Solar Motorhome


TIPA Solar Power Generation System offers efficient, eco-friendly electricity for motorhomes worldwide, enabling off-grid freedom and on-the-go charging with advanced technology and high power output.

Charging Station

TIPA Solar-Powered EV Charging Station is an eco-friendly solution providing clean, convenient charging for electric vehicles, reducing the carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy.

TIPA Solar-Powered EV Charging Station
TIPA Solar-Powered Caravan


TIPA Solar-Powered Caravan Energy System offers caravan owners self-sufficient, eco-friendly power during travels, supporting various devices without traditional grid connections.


TIPA Solar-Powered Yacht Energy System is a cutting-edge, eco-friendly power solution designed for yachts, supplying electricity to onboard amenities & luxury appliances.

TIPA Solar-Powered Yacht
TIPA Solar-Powered Boat


TIPA Solar-Powered Boat Energy System offers a sustainable power source for boats and yachts, utilizing solar energy to run onboard electronics and appliances.


TIPA Solar-Powered Home Energy System offers clean, space-efficient electricity for homes, reducing reliance on the grid and taking up just one-third of traditional panel space.

TIPA Solar-Powered Home
TIPA Portable Solar Power

Portable TIPA

TIPA Portable Solar Power Station is a versatile energy solution for outdoor activities, converting solar energy into reliable power for electronic devices in remote locations.

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