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Our 3D Solar Panels

A breakthrough in solar energy technology. They generate 3 times more power than traditional solar panels by bending light using lenses, which eliminates the need for special angles. Our panels also use multiple reflections to increase electron release and power generation.
TIPA 3D Solar Product breakdown
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Introducing TIPA Tech's groundbreaking 3D Solar Pipe equipped with refractive lenses. This innovative design captures more sunlight throughout the day, maximizing electricity production and enhancing energy output. Say goodbye to wasted sunlight and hello to unparalleled efficiency with TIPA's advanced solar technology. 

Experience the future of solar energy with TIPA Tech's 3D Solar Pipe technology. By effectively trapping light and increasing reflections, our innovative design ensures that reflected and re-emitted photons are captured, resulting in enhanced energy production. With TIPA, harness the full potential of sunlight for a sustainable energy solution. 

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Discover the versatility of TIPA Tech's lightweight and easily assembled solutions. Our technology can be effortlessly installed horizontally or vertically, offering flexibility to adapt to various environments and applications. Whether integrated into building facades or mounted on flat surfaces, TIPA ensures seamless deployment without compromising performance. 

Experience unparalleled power output with TIPA Tech's range of Solar Pipes, delivering between 45W to 210W per unit. Our innovative technology ensures higher power generation per unit of land, maximizing energy production efficiency. With TIPA, unlock the full potential of solar energy for a sustainable future.

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Discover unparalleled profitability with TIPA Tech's Total Internal Photonic Absorption (TIPA) technology. Our PV systems offer the highest return on capital in the industry, maximizing your investment's efficiency and sustainability. Experience superior performance and profitability with TIPA's patented solar solutions. 

Embrace versatility with TIPA Tech's Total Internal Photonic Absorption (TIPA) technology. Our systems are solar cell agnostic, seamlessly compatible with Polycrystalline, Mono-Crystalline, and Perovskite cells. With TIPA, enjoy flexibility in choosing the best solar cell technology for your needs without compromising performance or efficiency.

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